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Mensagem por Admin em Qui Ago 05, 2010 12:39 pm

nFluxOS is best described as a vision of customizing what I think are the four best Linux distributions into a light-weight, efficient, and complete Operating System.

The vision is based upon the idea of having each distro very similar in style, form, and function.

The Desktop is the Fluxbox window manager, with either Gnome Display Manager or Slim as the session manager. The well-known, simple "startx" is also available.

The Linux versions which nFluxOS is based off of are:
# ARCH Testing
# Debian Sid
# Slackware Current/Testing
# Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

Because nFluxOS is based upon "unstable" or testing versions; this quartet of similarly-equipped distro's are under heavy development at this moment and are targeted at intermediate to experienced Linux users!

This begins with the awesome Fluxbox window manager as the foundation for the Desktop; with fbpanel, and a few simple apps like volwheel, conky, parcellite, and any more you wish to add, enhancing the overall usefullness of each one.

Although Fluxbox can be a very attractive and powerful window manager, many distro's present a somewhat bland and garish example of it. The nFlux Desktop is heavily based upon the Hag Linux Fluxbox Desktop, which I think is the closet thing to what I wanted Fluxbox to look like, and what I think most would want as a low-resource, but powerful, portable Linux distro.

Very soon the versions of nFluxOS should become more stable and my grasp of Linux should also improve. nFlux is developed solely by me and so it should always be considered in "beta" stage, as I am not a programmer or coder of any sort; simply a Linux-only user who enjoys modifying and learning Linux and all it's wonders.

The best part is it's all Free! Except this website! If anyone wishes to join me in developing nFluxOS, or making a donation for this site; please contact me thru the Forum. Thank you and please enjoy nFluxOS!

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nFluxOS Linux

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